Big „Bejas” bath house

We have been thinking also about arranging bigger events and parties. The Big Bejas bath house gives yoy this opportunity. This house is designed in traditional and natural style that characterizes all „Bejas”complex – everything is made of wood, with real horn decorations and animal furs on the walls.Stone fire –place in the banquet hall and the fact that you are surrounded by the forest make the atmosphere special.

There is enough space for 40 guests, in summer season even for 60 guests.

 On the first floor, there is a banquet hall, a small kitchen with a microwave oven, fridge, and water heater. There is also a steam bath, a changing room, showers, a pool with cold water and WC. On the second floor, there are 3 rooms with 15 sleeping places, also a small hall with a novus table and two verandas.

Outside, behind the bath house there is a small pond where to refresh after having the steam bath. In surrounding area there are 2 volleyball grounds, streetball ground, 3 m high swings, an outhouse with a grill and tables outside.

This place is perfect for sport events and games, school –end parties, and any other events when you want to have unforgettable time and feelings, in free atmosphere characterized by name”Bejas”!

For more information and booking call (+371) 29279314